Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Beginnings

And so we start again! Hopefully with hope and joy and ready to embrace 2017. I'm not one for resolutions or for attaching too much importance to this day. After all, every day brings new beginnings. Some of them will be bad and others good but one thing is for certain. There will be surprises in store. I don't think many of us saw the events 2016 brought us, coming!
You may remember that I wrote on this blog back in October when we walked the nearby woods without a dog in tow after losing Rueben, that we were intent on making new memories in this place where I have walked everyone of the previous 4 dogs we have had. And today we did. That is already a very good start to this year
Flora still has moments when she seems to have a complete panic attack and just stands still but these are getting rarer and today in the woods she had a wonderful time, running, sniffing and trotting alongside us like she had done that all her life.


Muriel said...

Happy New Year to all three of you. Wishing you lots of happy days walking in the woods and just enjoying each other's company - what better start to a fresh new year!

Penny said...

So glad she is beginning to relax, my rescue dog took almost a year to be totally confident, particularly around men and hoses.Always love your posts but I am afraid I rarely comment.

Jewels said...

What a great way for you to start the New Year Frieda....hoping for many more walks in the woods in the days to come.

Jakki said...

Frieda - as our beloved first dog edges up in years, you have given me hope that we will weather the grief, and love, without ever forgetting Eeva, another doggy pal. You have also reinforced my thought that Eeva knows and trusts the love we shower upon her - Flora obviously knows your love and trusts you with her life. May 2017 be wonderful in a myriad of ways for all of you. Thank you for sharing your journeys, they are treasures in so many ways.

Linda Kunsman said...

Happy new year-and here's to many new happy memories!


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