Wednesday, 25 January 2017

New Doors

For the second year I am participating in a series of classes known as Creative Jumpstart. They are organized by Nathalie Kalbach and are meant to jump start creativity at the start of the year with classes uploaded every day during January. One of the classes was by MaryBeth Shaw, the owner of Stencilgirl Products. As soon as I watched it I just wanted to have a go myself, specially after seeing the gorgeous spreads in her sketchbook. Therefore there will be no info about how this spread was made but if you are interested you can still sign up for Creative Jumpstart 2017
While I was in the process of working on this spread the new weekly prompt for the Joggles Art Journal Adventures arrived and it was: Doors. It was great to discover a door image that fitted the spread I had made perfectly! It came from the collage sheet Ancient Doorways from Lost Art Creations. The pages were made in the notebook I have mentioned earlier here. It has peacocks on the front (with sparkles) and although I have to glue pages together to make them more substantial I just love working in it. It's sized 6 x 8".  I'll refer to it as the peacock art journal from now on.
I used the following materials. For the collage it was a mix of vintage text and images (from an old technical drawing book) as well as wrapping paper (some sparkling), firework images from the Flow calendar, and postage stamps plus the door image as mentioned above.
 For the stencilling I used sequin waste with large circles as well as L456 Buenos Aires (designed by Nathalie Kalbach)  and S414 Grid Outline 6 x 6 (designed by MaryBeth Shaw) both from Stencilgirl Products.
I used a mix of fluid acrylics, Radiant Gold paste from Colourarte, and fluorescent acrylic ink in pink, as well as a blue Pearlescent spray. The spread has a most satisfying glimmer to it. Wish I could share that but the camera refuses to pick it up.

I used two quoations: "I am not who I was yesterday" and "Old ways won't open new doors". 


Sandy Austin said...

Saw this in the Joggles AJA post and came on over. Love the colours and the design. A fan of Mary Beth Shaw so it all makes sense. Tfs

peggy gatto said...

Iam lovint the patterns, really like the stamps! Very pleasing!

betsy said...

Love the Mary Beth Shaw inspiration. She always inspires me, too!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Your photos make me want to touch this journal Frieda, hold it in my hands! It looks deliciously textural and full of levels. <3

Linda Kunsman said...

you know how much i love your layers and colors- but you really got me this time with the door and postage stamps:) Brilliant journal pages!

Cath Sheard said...

This is stunning, you always do so much detail.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

this is stunning !!! I love this so much!


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