Monday, 27 March 2017

Art is the Window

I love thinking up new spreads as a Guest Designer for Stencilgirl Projects and today I'm returning to one of my favourite Stencilgirl stencils.  L083 Church Windows represents what I love most about windows and I found a suitable quotation to go with that. It's by Edward Gorey and reads:

Art is the window to man's soil.
Without it, he would never to able to see
beyond his immediate world;
nor could the world see the man within

The other thing I wanted to demonstrate to you is that although something might be called a stencil, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a stamp!  Hope these ideas help you in your own work.  You can find the step-by-step tutorial on the Stencilgirl Talk site today.

 After I added the vintage woman above I felt she needed a companion, and leafing through my various vintage books I came upon this little dog below. It bears a remarkable resemblance to Flora, don't you think!

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Linda Kunsman said...

gorgeous journal spread with so many yummy layers!


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