Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Solace for my Soul

By chance I am showing you another flower themed spread but I really need to warm myself up here in the frozen North! The wind today was perishing and felt colder than the weather in December or January. Fingers crossed it won't linger long. This spread (in a small 6 x 8" art journal) was made in response to last week's Joggles Art Journal Adventures that told us to: say NO to the blank page. I don't suffer much from blank page syndrome but to answer the brief I simply covered both pages with sheets of vintage imagery and text from a Technical Drawing book. That took care of that and I added collage with pink and gold Indian paper,  rose themed wrapping paper as well as an image from last year's Flow calendar as well as a postage stamp.
I added Distress crayons as well as paint combined with 2 Stencilgirl Products stencils: M133 Buenos Aires mini (designed by Nathalie Kalbach) and the small stencil from the December 2015 Stencilgirl Club.
I also used a flower stamp from a rubber stamp sheet by Art5thAcademy as well as little flowers themed stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. The big flowers were coloured in to match the colours already on the pages.
The text was printed out using the computer and glued on. 

I must just mention how proud I am of my sweet Flora dog who went to the vet for the first time today to receive her booster injection. She was as good as gold, seemed to enjoy the fuss the vet and receptionist made of her and then went on to have a lovely (but freezing) walk in the Penicuik Estate. She came away with a clean bill of health and I think she hardly realized the moment the needle went in as she was munching on a treat at the same time. Hopefully she will continue to find future visits to the vet enjoyable rather than stressful. 


peggy gatto said...

These pages are glorious ! Thanks for the tips!
Wishing you warmth!!!!!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful journal page and amazing vet visit for Flora! hooray!


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