Saturday, 13 May 2017


Today's prompt for #ArtfulAdventures #StrollthroughtheHood is #mailbox. 

For this one I went a bit further afield in my "hood" and made my way (4 miles) to the nearest village of West Linton. It's a conservation village and that means the traffic is difficult as the road was not made for motor vehicles and is very narrow,  but the place itself continues to look lovely. We are lucky enough to still have a Post Office, a mailbox and a telephone box. The last two are situated together and have a wonderfully old fashioned look about them. Sadly specially the phone box is on it's way out all over the country,  but we have been lucky enough to continue to keep this one for some time to come

Flora and we enjoyed a walk on the village green as well (another quintessentially British thing). It's good for her to discover new ground and make the acquaintance of more dogs although there weren't many about on this foggy and damp morning. 

You can still sign up for this entirely free Stroll through the Hood and the classes associated with it here


Nathalie Kalbach said...

ohhhhhh - so cool you captured both the phone booth and the mail box!

Nancy said...

This must be a charming village.

goze said...

Great photo. Love the red of the phone booth and the mail box against the old stone wall.

Pamela Gerard said...

I love mail boxes -- that one is a beauty!


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