Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Timing of Your Life

The title of this spread is rather appropriate as during the last few weeks my timing has been off. All of a sudden I had unexpected deadlines to meet. Some very fun projects came up,  and of course they took time. Specially considering the fact that one and a half hours each day (sometimes more!) are taken up with dog walking. Again, I am loving this but it's time during which nothing else can get done apart of course, from photography. I have been doing a lot of that although only with my phone rather than the big camera. I have been beating myself up too much about that fact as well as my inactivity in other areas. In the end I simply gave up on being online apart from what I could achieve on my phone and iPad. I had online fatigue if such a thing even exists. 

Negative voices in my head told me to get a grip but I also knew I needed that time away. I don't quite think I'm back to normal but at least I'm improving. So yes, sometimes you have to trust that you yourself know when the timing of your life is out of zinc.  And it's up to you to accept it and to stop fighting it. That only makes things worse. Hopefully my life and I will learn to give and take.
This spread on a small 5.5 x 8" art journal was made in response to the prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures this week that told us to add scallops to our pages. I used only the large stencil from January 2017's Stencilgirl Club in this entire spread. There is so much pattern on this stencil and that makes it look like I've used a lot of different ones.
I combined this with collage using Tim Holtz's tissue wrap Postale as well as a stamp from the Art5Academy stamp set.
Various elements including the scallops were outlined with a black fountain pen and I was lucky to find just the right postage stamp to not just tone in with the pages but also to signify that I need to get on my bike (figuratively speaking) and get on with things.


peggy gatto said...

Divine colors, pleasing shapes and layers!

Linda Kunsman said...

lovely pages Frieda. Sometimes we do need to talk ourselves into just going with the flow of our lives despite what our heads may be thinking and wanting us to do.


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