Wednesday, 24 May 2017

There is a Crack in Everything

The prompt for Artful Adventures, Stroll through the Hood today is: cracks. Whenever I hear the word crack I immediately think of Leonard Cohen's Anthem, a song that has accompanied me over the years in good times and bad. There are many cracks to be found in the Penicuik Estate but I wanted scenic cracks and found them in this set of steps where the persistent wildflowers (or weeds, depending on your point of view) have made their way through the cracks between the stones. reaching for the light.
 The river avens wildflowers are coming out along the Silverburn
 And the lime walk leading up to the side of Penicuik House has been lighted up with fresh green, almost like a crack where the light comes in.
The wood anemones are at their best just now! 

The dog walk was such a total pleasure  today, in warm weather and with Flora running loose. She is dealing with dogs, large and small, and has started to grasp the fact that there are lots of people about with dog biscuits in their pockets. And even those that haven't, are good for a cuddle.  I am one very proud doggy mummy.


Nathalie Kalbach said...

Aweeeee- it is like a mini trip to your place again- love it - and I love the cracks :) BTW- funny you and Marsha were both thinking of the song!

Sue Sharp said...

Love it when flowers, or weeds :), find cracks! Beautiful photo's - I'm glad you're showing more than just the one for the challenge - It's such a beautiful place!


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