Friday, 19 May 2017

Wildlife, Flowers and Flora

The theme on Artful Adventures Stroll through the Hood today is: Wildlife. There is lots of wildlife about in my hood. I have seen deer, foxes, badgers, moles, squirrels, hedgehogs, buzzards, sparrowhawks, pheasants, peacocks, and many other birds, but of course getting them to pose on demand is virtually impossible. So when I went hunting for wildlife in our garden I was looking for wildlife that is a bit more accommodating and prolific.

We are lucky enough to still have plenty of bees about and I love the way the bees tone in with the berberis that has just started to flower. It's definitely their favourite although they also like the rhododendron seen below.
 And I couldn't resist a quick picture of the tulips. My little bulb field right here in our own garden.
Flora came hunting with me and she looked so lovely in the sunshine that I simply had to picture her too. Tomorrow is her 6th month anniversary and she is a much more relaxed and calmer girl. There are still issues with walking but only on the railway line. If we take her by car somewhere else, she walks beautifully. I think she simply doesn't like to move away from her new home but I'm sure with time and patience she'll get there.
She is so utterly adorable and very loving towards us and that panicked look in her eyes that she had on arrival is hardly ever there now.
 She loves her garden and while I was busy taking pictures she took a break. Such a sensible girl.


Nancy said...


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Nathalie Kalbach said...

I love Flora!!!! And Iove all the beautiful pictures you took!

goze said...

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures!

Catherine Lenoci said...

Beautiful photos! Your dog is very adorable too!

Sue Sharp said...

Flora looks awesome! I love the flowers in your garden, and it's wonderful that they attract bees!


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