Sunday, 25 June 2017

Ravensneuk Castle

We decided to make it three in a row by once again climbing Cauldshoulders Ridge because I wanted to make it to Ravensneuk Castle, or rather the ruins thereof. It lays in the opposite direction to the Allan Ramsay Monument, following a path on the top of the ridge in the direction of Penicuik. The views were once again stunning.
The ruins itself were far less impressive and not much remains from what must once have been a mighty defensive structure (build around 1527) where it would be hard for enemies to sneak up to, standing as it does at the top of the landscape.
Most of the stones are so overgrown that they can hardly be seen but in some places you suddenly see enormous blocks of stone so it's clear that once a lot of effort went into constructing a safe haven in times of strife.
Flora was far more interested in the remains of a camp fire and was sniffing it out. She once again did a great job climbing up and down but she was glad of the break we took by the castle where conveniently a picnic table was placed although a very long time ago, judging by the state it was in.

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