Thursday, 29 June 2017


The spread I posted on Monday was the very last one in my latest A4 sized Dylusions art journal. Before I added it to all the other full art journals on the shelf I thought I would have a quick look through it and when I did I came across a spread from which the above picture is a detail. I made it in April 2016 only weeks after returning from our trip to New York. You can find the blog post I wrote about it here. The woman and her dog made a deep impression on me at the time I photographed her, from a stationary tour bus, although I had no idea why. Now I'm wondering if I had some kind of premonition of what was to come. 
Her little dog is the spitting image of Flora (seen above and acquired from Barking Mad Dog Rescue in November 2016)) and I now also know why she had that large empty bag hanging on her arm. It was to carry her little dog in should it get tired or if it should rain. Did I subconsciously remember her little dog when I choose mine. I guess I will never fully know, just like I will never know her or anything else about her apart from the fact that she loves her dog as deeply as I love mine.  Add to that the fact that she is clearly in agreement with me about little dogs wearing pink coats!

Life can be very strange and unexplainable. And totally amazing.


Linda Kunsman said...

How amazing is it to think that this would be a premonition putting it out to the universe to fulfill on day. Love it.

Rupert's Mom said...

The empty bag could be for carrying her dog on th NY subway. They allow dogs as long as they are in bags, which makes for some pretty large bags! Carol L


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