Thursday, 22 June 2017

Senseless Acts of Beauty

The prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures this week was to borrow things from a friend. There are very few people around nearby who are into art journaling and the like, but I suddenly remembered all the wonderful goodie bags I was send back in the days when I hosted many Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) swaps and received them as a hostess gift. A quick search in the studio brought forth many treasures and I grabbed a selection of papers which became the background collage on these pages, done in a 6 x 8" art journal.
 I also found a card (sorry, no idea who send it to me at the time) with an explanation of what a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) is. Again I have been lucky enough to receive many RAK ATCs and send out a lot too. The words themselves seemed to be perfect to use on this spread.
The background was done with collage using the papers I had been send as well as some lace, and then I used Distress Crayons and fluid acrylic paints together with a baby wipe and all the stencils from the June 2017 Stencilgirl Club. I also added rubber stamping with a text stamp (from an unknown source) as well as from a stamp set designed by Nathalie Kalbach
The focal image came from an advert in a magazine (Vogue). If you fancy the jewellery it's an advert for Bulgari!


Carol Wiebe said...

Gorgeous stencil work--i love how you have used the stencils to create an abstract look.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful, Frieda <3 <3

Bonnie Irvine said...

How clever to use RAKs from swaps to respond to this theme. You have created such a gorgeous page and you have also used things sent to you with good wishes and gratitude which makes this piece even more magical. As always your layering and composition are impeccable. I have spent a long time looking at this spread...there is always so much to discover and appreciate. So glad you are participating in the AJA, Frieda.


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