Thursday, 1 June 2017


We have been watching this field of barley with surprise. One day the field on the edge of the Penicuik Estate was ploughed earth and it seemed that like the next day the barley had sprung out of the ground as if by magic.  All those lovely greens together look very subtle so I choose this picture for that prompt today on Artful Adventures, Stroll through the Hood.  Monochromatic colour schemes are so soothing.
However by slightly lifting the camera (phone in this case) up a bit higher the picture can become quite dramatic. It was a windy day and a cloudy one too today as you can tell.
More drama followed as we walked along the edge of the field to come eye to eye with this poster. I must hastily add that we are religious about picking up after Flora (and all our previous dogs) and I have in fact recently placed an order for 1000 biodegradable poo bags so that should keep Flora going for awhile. Nevertheless I was interested to know where these watchers were hiding or if there were cameras strategically placed in among the barley. If there were, they were indeed well hidden.

This sign too seems to have arisen as magically as the barley, otherwise I would have used it for the Sign prompt earlier. It was very arresting to say the least.

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