Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Longest Day

We had a lovely dog walk on the longest day of the year. Summer Solstice tonight! It was warm and the sun peeped out occasionally. No sign of the forecast rain or thunder. Yesterday was Flora's 7th month anniversary which I am much more inclined to celebrate than either of the above events and so is she, as long as biscuits are involved. I am still not used to her size. Whenever I look behind me to check she is coming my eye reaches too high as all our previous dogs have been much taller. Then I remember to go lower and there she is. She also tones in rather too well with her surroundings!
The knapweed (centaurea nigra, I think) looks wonderful along the side of the river North Esk. Love the colour and the fluffiness of the flowers.


peggy gatto said...

Have a beautiful long day!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

happy summer!! That gorgeous flower matches Flora's collar so well. What a sweetie pie she is!


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