Thursday, 13 July 2017

At The Big Red Barn

It hasn't been weather to go and have lunch outside very much this summer but today it looked sunny and for the very first time Flora came with us to enjoy some food and a dog walk. We went to The Big Red Barn where there is much on offer, including dog walking in the surrounding woods, which we did first. 

Then we settled on one of the tables outside and Flora behaved beautifully. It did not take her long to realise food was involved and she sat prettily in the sure knowledge that some of it would come her way. It did! Definitely worth repeating and the next time we are going to try some place where dogs are allowed inside. Flora had a overall good day with three walks, all with sun. She is getting very good at socializing with both dogs and people, including small children. All very important for her future and present happiness.

1 comment:

Jewels said...

Such a sweet pic of Flora - love it and so glad she is coming more and more into her own - a real credit to all your love and patience Frieda....


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