Monday, 10 July 2017

Thou shalt watch no more

I have been working frantically away on some projects that had to be done and had been lingering in my studio for far too long already. But in among it all I found time to do another page in my Bee Paper Company 9 x 9" journal. It's very relaxing to make art for no other reason than to make it. It also gives me a chance to work out what occupies my thoughts. I have no pre-conceived ideas about how the page will look, but simply start by gessoing and throwing some paint onto the page and then let it develop from there in the hope that my subconscious will tell me what it wants to do. Sometimes I immediately see a link with recent events and at other times the realization what the page is all about comes much later.
I did remember to take a background photograph before work started on the nitty gritty of the page and you can see it above. Ideally I shouldn't have outlined those circles yet but I remembered that I planned to take these background pictures only at the last moment.
The serious looking man comes from a painting called Young Man with a Flower by Gauguin and his original flower has been replaced by a fabric one. In the background there is collage with imagery from a vintage Technical Drawing manual. I added rubber stamping using the A la Fenetre stamp from Carabelle Studio and a circular art foamie designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer called Ring Hopscotch.
I added stencilling to the background using stencil S371 Past Paper Stencil by Stencilgirl Products and also added another flower to balance the one on the man by using stencil M071 Nonsensical Bloom.  I used back and white markers for outlining.Finally I added a postage stamp as well as the vintage text. The page was edged with a black Archival ink pad.

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