Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Walk in Spirit

Recently I heard about an art journal produced by the Bee Paper Company so I thought I would get one and try it out for myself. I bought the 9 x 9" (22.9 x 22.9cm) journal and will be working mainly on one page at a time although a two page spread will no doubt creep in now and again. This journal will be just for me, and won't contain any work inspired by prompts and themes on the various groups I'm taking part in. I already like the fact that the journal is ring bound so I can fold the rest of the pages out of the way. This is a great advance for a messy artist! I will tag all posts about this journal with the Bee Paper Journal label.
The other thing I plan on doing is to photograph the backgrounds of the pages before I start to add focal points and outlining. This will offer me the opportunity to print such imagery on fabric if I want to. Above is that picture for this first page.
There will be less description of techniques etc because that's not what this journal is about. It's entirely personal and although I will have a list of materials and tools at the end of the post, it's the end result that matters to me.
I used collage with an oriental themed paper napkin, and an image from an old calendar from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, featuring a Native American image. Other techniques used are stencilling and rubber stamping.
The stencils came mainly from Stencilgirl. They are: S372 Brick Factory and M071 Nonsensical Bloom in Stencil  in the background. The shell stencil was included in the Jane Davenport Acrylic Paint Set 2.
The rubber stamp of the little Japanese figure was a free gift but I have no idea any longer where it came from.

The quotation comes from a vintage book.


peggy gatto said...

Bold and beautiful colors with some wonderful asian elements!

Carol Wiebe said...

I think that is very important. Following others' prompts allows some of your own interpretation, but in an indirect way. Self-directed is straight from your own mind and heart--crucial for self growth. I actually have a terrible time following prompts. It can be compared to the stack of books on my bedside table--there are so many I want to get to that suggestions from others fall to the bottom of the list i.e. by the wayside.

This spread is vibrant! The big size has given you lots of real estate to build your work on!


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