Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Panta rhei

Literally translated (from the Greek) panta rhei means: all flows. It's the essential ingredient in Heraclitus's philosophy. Mostly I try to embrace change (it is usually inevitable anyway) but at other times it's far from welcome. Thanks to extensive logging it is now possible to see the Knight's Law Tower in the Penicuik Estate. This is the first step towards restoring the tower and make it the feature in the landscape it was always meant to be. Over the centuries dense woodland had sprung up all around it and although that gave it a very romantic look it wasn't the best way to admire this folly.
We had a lovely long and mainly sunny dog walk through the Estate, partly alongside the river. Heraclitus used rivers as a way to explain his panta rhei concept. As rivers always flow on, you can never put your feet into the same river twice. Your feet may be the same but the river is ever changing. I must add that I didn't feel the need to stick my feet into this particular river to demonstrate the effect. It was rather muddy! The reflections however were beautiful.

There were also plenty of sawn off tree trunks around to observe how trees too continually change, adding their rings in the process.
On the way home we saw all these migrating geese gathered together in a nearby field. For them too all is about to change as they begin their journey towards new places and landscapes. Sadly as soon as we stopped the car they immediately started to move away. Panta rhei!
Underneath is my contribution today for the #30daysofcomposition challenge on Instagram that told us to use threes or fives. I used 3 carefully arranged giant daisies.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love reading and looking at your beautiful photos . . .


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