Monday, 25 September 2017

I Wish

The months seem to fly past and yet again it's time to share my monthly project as Guest Designer for Stencilgirl Products. This month it's a bit of a strange one. The project started with an upset, then deteriorated further and I thought I would have to start from scratch. But somehow it did eventually emerge (like the butterflies featured) and start to acquire a look I liked. I decided to go ahead and share it anyway as having to rescue a spread is something we don't often think about but that happens to us all.
You can find a full step-by-step tutorial (a bit tongue in cheek!) on the Stencilgirl Talk website together with the stencils I used. I also rubber stamped on the pages using a stamp from the Marks set by Nathalie Kalbach.
The disaster was entirely my own fault. There is a strict rule in my studio that tops have to be put back on things as soon as I am finished with them. And yet! I had gessoed this spread (in my A4 Dylusions art journal) and while I was waiting for it to dry I thought I would just add some glitter to another project. You probably can guess what happened next. My sleeve swiped the entire pot of glitter and it fell right on top of the wet gesso. And that's where most of it stayed. I had never realized before how sharp the edges of glitter are but it proved to be nay on impossible to go ahead with my usual techniques. To find out how I managed to tame the glitter go to Stencilgirl Talk!
The event also  inspired the words I used on the pages. They are addressed mainly to myself. I have learned over the years I have been art making and exhibiting, not to be affected too much by outside criticisms but still wage daily war with my hyper critical inner voice, which of course gave me a right telling off about the glitter disaster.


Jewels said...

Ah yes Frieda - I can relate - but it's always a learning moment isn't it! I would have never known seeing your lovely spread that you had a major oops! :)

peggy gatto said...

beautiful "quilt"!


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