Tuesday, 26 December 2017

A light dusting of snow?

We officially had a White Christmas as it started to snow around 10pm last night. This morning we woke up to what the BBC Weather forecast for our area called "a light dusting of snow". That would be 6 inches then!

Still no complaints from me! I couldn't believe our luck. We got to walk in a winter wonder land and we were the only ones there. Only deer and fox tracks could be seen. We weren't sure how Flora would cope with snow that easily reached as far as her belly, but once she had been zipped into her coat she skipped around very merrily.

the fire pond

the trees seemed to be clinging together for support

my favourite tree at the top of the forest

what fun we had!

the old railway line path

view through the old railway line bridge


ThingsBeautiful said...

Such beautiful pictures of the snow ;)

ThingsBeautiful said...

Such beautiful pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of the snow and of your walk! So nice to see your old friend, the favorite tree in a brand new white coat.
theresa mARTin


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