Thursday, 14 December 2017

Winter White

The long awaited (and longed for) snow arrived overnight to my intense delight. I was a bit worried that Flora wouldn't be as keen as I was to start our dog walk, but after I had zipped her into her pink coat (covering her belly as it's very close to the ground) she happily skipped off onto the railway line, through the drainage ditch and into the forest.
Just when we emerged onto the path the snow started up again. I took my hood down and simply soaked up the falling snowflakes. Flora did the same. We let the snow wet our hair, drop onto our noses and kiss our mouths. We slowly went white and our footsteps were closing up behind us. Only the ghost of tracks remained and no other ones were visible. We were the only living creatures there (although rustling under the trees was evidence of other life (foxes, deer? ).
 All there was, was whiteness; silent snow slowly covering our world.
Precious time, in which nothing else mattered, where thinking was suspended and each moment was all there was.
 Eventually we had to turn around as we had traversed the forest end to end. The return journey proved to be just as magical.
This is where we entered our drainage ditch again and said farewell to our own winter wonderland. It looks however as if there will be even more snow as it is still falling. By that time our hair will have dried (although not our clothes) and we can do it all over again.


Jewels said...

What a lovely narrative and pictures - we have finally received our first proper snow fall yesterday (probably 5 inches) and will be out to explore as well (but not lovely scenery like yours)...

Linda Kunsman said...

oh how lovely , picturesque, and peaceful. I was so hoping Flora would be in one of these photos:)


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