Monday, 8 January 2018

Art Card 1

The idea was to just make backgrounds for my 3 x 3" square art cards at the moment for the #365somethings2018 project but the temptation to finish at least one proved to be too great so here is the first card of 2018. Only 364 more to go!
 This one involved ink drippings, mark making with graphic sticks and white markers, glueing on tissue paper with text as well as adhering actual vintage text. And of course a postage stamp. I think stamps might figure large on the cards!
It's satisfying to have one done, but now it will be back to backgrounds! And by the way for those of you who want to know, I have photographed the card on a Alison Glass designed fabric (see top picture).


Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful card, and I like your idea of using a stamp :)

Dawn C. said...

Wow, so much variety and dimension in such a small space. Just lovely!


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