Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Art Card 2 Silence

The second card for my #365somethings2018 project is finished. It was asking out to have the final touches put onto it, so I did. This is how I anticipate things to go this year. I will continue to make backgrounds on these 3 x 3" cards till I have 365 done. Then I will add collage, rubber stamping, stencilling, ink dripping and any other technique I can think up and add them to selected cards till I spot one that is almost done and that one will then get my full attention.  
It is my aim to finish all of them within this year and sometimes you will get batches of them together but at the moment it's one at a time while I continue to work on the rest mainly unseen here unless I particularly like a collection of unfinished ones to photograph on an otherwise uninspiring day for photography.

I'm not going to mention all the supplies I used (mainly because I don't remember them) but the stencil I used on this card is from the November 2017 Club set by Stencilgirl.
Again the card was photographed on a fabric designed by Alison Glass. I have a whole bundle of fat quarters designed by her,ready for my next project and they make for great photographic backgrounds.


peggy gatto said...

What a grand collection this will be!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

another colorful beauty to add!


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