Saturday, 6 January 2018

Colour Alchemy

It is probably true to say that if I get tired of colour I would also be tired of life. I don't foresee that happening in my lifetime. And colour combined with a grid is even better. So for my first Stencilgirl Project this year I have used both. These two pages could just as well be two quilts and maybe one day they will become exactly that.
When I'm working as Guest Designer I very often start work on two separate pages. Because I need to do step by step photography and write up exactly what I'm doing, it's a kind of safeguard to have two pages on the go, just in case I hit a snag or have a small emergency on one of them. But nothing untoward happened so I decided to feature both pages.

As always you can find a step by step tutorial for this project (and all my other projects as monthly Guest Designer for Stencilgirl Products) on the Stencilgirl Talk website, which also lists the stencils I used. These particular pages filled me with joy when I had finished them and they may well serve as inspiration for future work too, which is an unexpected bonus. For now the pages (both sized 9 x 12") have found a home in my huge vintage ledger on a background of black gesso.

It's wonderful that Stencilgirl Products are having me back as a monthly Guest Designer in 2f018. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to them for giving me this opportunity to share my work and I look forward to using their gorgeous stencils for more projects in the future.


Linda Kunsman said...

gorgeous Frieda!! I can definitely see these as quilts with your wonderful stitching and beading.

Dawn C. said...

This is striking! It could definitely be a quilt and with all the squares does remind me of a quilt.


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