Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Impressions in the Snow

After almost a week of respite, the snow has returned with a vengeance. First thing there was maybe a couple of inches but when we set off for the dog walk, more had already fallen and by the time we walked back our footprints were covered in snow again. Most of these pictures were taken from underneath trees to keep my phone/camera dry and safe. The above picture reminded me of impressionistic snow paintings (Monet?) with pictures walking away into the snow storm.

Above is our half way point for the walk. Usually I first turn up until that hill (previously know as the viewpoint, although the trees have now blocked it) but the wind and snow were too much today.
Flora was a real trooper and even seemed to enjoy the conditions during the walk back when both the wind and the snow were straight into our faces.

And below some pictures of the afternoon walk that included both more snow and sunshine



1 comment:

Jakki said...

Your photos continue to delight me. Thank you for sharing those wonderfully peaceful moments.
I am enjoying your new project - the little art cards are delightful! Each is worth careful study to appreciate the layers etc. Little gems that double as mini tutorials, what more could you ask?


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