Monday, 12 February 2018

It takes Two

Our mission for Joggles Art Journal Adventures last week was to use the number two. I am constantly surprised by what my mind comes up with following such prompts. The words "It takes two to tango" jumped into my consciousness and that's what I used for this spread in an A5 sized journal. In fact it's the last spread in this particular journal and I will break open the next one for the prompt this week that should appear later today. It made me realize that I haven't yet shared a video of my previous journal either and I'm working on putting that as well as this one on my Instagram feed sometime soon. What with the art cards I'm having too much material to upload at the moment but I'll get there!
As mentioned here before I'm in the process of sorting out my painting studio and as a result I'm putting some order into my supplies. Once of the things I finally got organized is my vast collection of stencils. As a result I discovered some lovely stencils I obtained from Joggles themselves many moons ago and I put them to good use in this spread. The background was done with the 9 x 12" sized Spirals stencil, while the star bursts came from the Flowerburst one. I used Radiant Gel by ColourArte with the last one.
I found my dancing couple on a painting by Giorgio de Chirico, called Hector and Andromache. It suited the spread colour wise and it's a painting I like very much. I very doubt they are dancing the tango though but that's artistic licence for you.
This is a very textural spread as I wasn't happy with the background to start with and in such cases I add white and start again leaving some areas of the previous background exposed. It makes for an interesting surface.

The text was added with a set of alphabet stamps (EEA05) designed by Everything Art for PaperArtsy, white the 2 was cut out of wrapping paper and embellished with doodles.

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Linda Kunsman said...

great movement in this spread-love your choice of dancers:)


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