Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sweet Delight Journal Quilts

 I managed to get to the Spring Quilt Festival at Ingliston, near Edinburgh, yesterday. It was good to get out as cabin fever had started to set in being up on our hill in among the snow and ice. And it was lovely to see my Journal Quilts displayed. The theme of the exhibition of JQs this year was: Sweet Treats, and I was inspired by the words in William Blake's poem Auguries of Innocence that read: "Some are born to sweet delight".
 I had a lot of fun playing with my collection of beads and buttons, as well as sparkly embellishments and felt. The Journal Quilts (sized A4) looked quite sweet. In fact after viewing the entire exhibit I felt like eating an ice-cream!

I finally put to use some beads I bought probably more than 30 years ago in a stall on the beach in Weymouth on a trip we took my mother-in-law on. They had been carefully treasured (hoarded?!) but were just what I wanted for these little quilts. You can see them in the top row in the picture above. The flower trim in the bottom row above were obtained from Daytona Trims in New York during our trip there in 2016.

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Linda Kunsman said...

these are utterly delightful-and yes, oh so sweet!


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