Friday, 16 March 2018

Art Cards 62 - 70

Here is the latest batch of nine artcards. They are part of my #365somethings2018 project on Instagram where I hope to end up with 365 cards, one for each day of 2018. If you want to see them appear individually each day you can find them all on my Instagram feed.

I'm really enjoying how they all end up looking very differently. I make backgrounds usually in groups of 9 cards, then add collage, rubber stamping, stencilling etc. And then every day I finish one or more cards completely and stamp a day stamp on for the day I finish them. They go in a pot and then I select one to take out and post every day.

1 comment:

Linda Kunsman said...

they may all be different but they do look so good all together-must be all that fabulous color!


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