Monday, 5 March 2018

Moon Walk

What with snow shovelling, trying to prevent the snow from coming in and prolonged dog walks due to the weather conditions there was not much time left for anything else. But I wanted to do the prompt for Joggles Art Journal Adventures which was to use the letter W. It stands for many wonderful (!) things but walking is what I love to do so walking it was. I found the words Moon Walk first, and then I grabbed an 5 x 8.1/4" Moleskine sketchbook in which I use up left over paints, clean stencils and rubber stamps etc. I do all this on one spread till I feel the page has had enough and then start on the next one. This journal was full of such pages and it was about time to do something with them.
I found a walking figure in my box of magazine cut-outs but she proved to be way too large, and because walking was the focal point of this spread I simply made sure her legs made it onto the page but was forced to cut off her head. Then it struck me the head would look good on the facing page so there she is. There are times when working fast produces fun results.
I added washi tape images (by Jane Davenport) of figures. I'm not 100% sure but believe all the stencils used in the background are from Stencilgirl Products although I could no longer tell you exactly which ones they were as the background was finished in stages, quite some time ago.
This sketchbook will continued to be used when time is short and I still want to produce a spread. Looking through it, there are some great backgrounds in there crying out to be put to good use!


peggy gatto said...

Smashing design!

Linda Kunsman said...

brilliant spread-love how you saved her head:):)

Bonnie Irvine said...

So creative to use the head on the second page, Frieda. I love backgrounds like this where the layers are built up over time. There is such depth and interest. I don't always have the patience to build layers like this if I am working from a blank page and trying to finish in one sitting. That's why backgrounds like this are such a joy...and often inspiring to finish. Wonderful Page!


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