Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snowed In

We are snowed in completely now, due to the Beast from the East. This morning we could not even reach our gate due to the high snow mounts in our driveway. When we dug that far I grabbed the phone and ventured out with my very highest boots on. Even so, my legs got covered in snow. I got a little bit up the lane, enough to take the above picture but as you can see in the foreground the mounts of snow proved too high to overcome. Our lane will require a JCB to dig it out!
Above the view from the old railway bridge down to the old railway line and the forest beyond. You can see how deep it is by the fencing. There was zero chance to get there. All we have been able to do is dig some pathways in our courtyard so we could feed the birds (some were knocking on the windows to alert us to the no food present situation) and to let Flora do her business.

Fortunately we have each other, enough fuel to keep us going and miracle of miracle we still have power. The worst of the weather is supposed to be over (although it keeps on snowing regularly) and we have gone from a red to an amber weather warning, however the snow will still be with us for quite some time to come.

This too shall pass, but not any time soon!

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Jewels said...

Wow Frieda! That's one for the record books. I'm used to it growing up in Canada and living in the US mid west so I completely get it.... still not what you would expect where you live this time of year. Take care and don't strain on the shoveling!!!


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