Sunday, 29 April 2018

I is for Imagination

Our latest challenge for Joggles Art Journal Adventures was to use the letter I and optional to add a floral element. As you can see I did both. It was a bit of a full on week so I grabbed the 6 x 8" journal that I use to mop up any left over paint, try out stamps and clean stencils, so that I had a ready made background to work on.  I think all the stencils in the background are from StencilGirl although I don't remember the exact details.
Then I added more background in the shape of the circles and the lines. StencilGirl has been having a blog hop with Lindy's Stamp Gang and while following the hop it dawned on me that I had some Lindy's goodies already. Always great to discover new stuff in your own supplies. (For those who know me I need hardly add that didn't stop me buying some more!). They came in the shape of Magicals, little pots full of pigment that can be activated by fluids. I mixed various colours with Golden glass bead gel and used a palette knife to press it through the stencils I choose.

The red circles were made with the L491 Organic Roots Large Stencilgirl stencil, the blue lines came from the large stencil from the January 2016 StencilGirl Club and the thistles came from L594 Thistle stencil. I used the mix of Magicals in purple and glass bead gel for the flowers, while the stems were done with ColourArte Radiant Gels. As you can see below it made the spread very three dimensional as well as lovely and glittery.
The quotation that I added in my own handwriting is by Carl Sagan, and reads: "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." 
The spread was finished with some outlining with markers and water soluble oil crayons.

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Jakki said...

I had see the glass bead gel but didn't know what to do with it. Now I do! I'm thinking that I might be able to mix Brushos into the gel, although you wouldn't get the glittery effect. Quandry - am I going to be good and not buy more supplies or am I going to give in?


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