Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Snow Reflections

fire pond
It's hard to believe that the snow is back in force but that's what happened. It snowed steadily overnight and this morning and we have about 4 inches on the ground. Fortunately it isn't freezing so it is quite easy to shovel, and the snow plough has also been through.

I also had quite a fright this morning when I took Flora out into the garden, just after we got up so she could do her business. She suddenly shot off like a rocket and I could see flashes of movement which turned out to be a deer. Despite the difference in size the deer was a lot more panicked, tried to jump a fence, missed, then tried again and made it. Flora also tried to jump the fence (approx 1.5M about her head), also failed needless to say, but went into a barking frenzy. I tried to catch her (in entirely unsuitable footwear!) and finally managed it after quite a few tries. Deer was okay, dog was okay, I had a massive adrenaline rush from which I'm still recovering. As the non existent sun was very far from being over the non existent yardarm I guessed a whisky was out of the question but oh I could have done with one.
drainage ditch in the forest
The dog walk was relatively sedate after all that although hard work. I will probably never get tired of seeing Deepsyke Forest in the snow but I'm equally eager to get that elusive Spring from starting to produce some green shoots, sunshine and warmth.

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