Thursday, 3 May 2018

Collaged Art Cards

The days and months seem to whiz passed at an alarming speed at the moment. It feels like only yesterday since I showed you my Stencilgirl® Project for April and here I am back with another one in May.

You may remember that back in April I used my stencils to make the backgrounds on 3 x 3" cards for the #365somethings2018 project. This month I'm making the stencils the star of the show on each card. This was made possible by a gorgeous stencil set designed by Seth Apter, with stencils that are just the right size for these 3 x 3" cards.
You can read all about how I made these cards and find a list of all the stencils on the Stencilgirl®Talk website today. All the materials I used can also be found there.
I thoroughly enjoyed making this set of 9 cards (and some more too while I was at it!) and the individual cards will be fed into the #365somethings2018 project on my Instagram feed one at a time. At that stage I will add their date and number. We have already reached the point where a third of the cards for the year are done.

I am so grateful to Stencilgirl® for giving me the opportunity on a monthly basis to share my work to a wider audience.  The versatility of their stencils is amazing and I specially love being a member of the Stencilgirl®Club where you receive an exclusive set of stencils each and every month together with videos and PDFs showing how the artists that designed the stencils use them. Highly recommend you give it a go. 

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peggy gatto said...

Wonderful inspiration here!!


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