Monday, 25 June 2018

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 4

Time for prompt 4 on #thestencilfiedjournal project. You can see it written below. All the beautiful prompts, by the way, were done by Tina Walker. It told us to use our least favourite colour. In my case that would be brown. It's just so.........well......brown.  I love it's big sister orange of which it is a shade but despite all the delicious names (usually relating to chocolate) of brown paints they very much tend to stay in the tube or bottle.
I prepped two pages in my 9 x 14cm journal with gesso and then it was time to get that brown onto the pages. As you can tell I just could not resist adding some copper (still brown in my opinion) and a wee bit of blue (the complimentary colour of orange). AFter collaging with Tim Holtz's tissue wrap I used stencil L320 Batik stencil from Stencilgirl  Products® while the white dots came from L380 Circles Layer Me stencil. Remember that all stencils we use are to be from Stencilgirl®
Our prompt also told us to write about things we love and I did so in the spirals, Then to my great delight I found the word LOVE in a magazine and it was even in brown tones. Perfect!
I just had to add a bit of sparkle to all that brownness and it came in the shape of a mica spray again using stencil L380 (see below). I can's say I have been converted to brown but on the other hand I quite like the look of it on these pages.

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