Monday, 23 July 2018

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 8

This latest spread for #thestencilfiedjournal didn't quite turn out as planned. Personally I blame the weather! As you can tell Prompt Eight told us to stencil with glue. I immediately thought of all those foiling sheets lingering in a cupboard, and so I made the background in readiness for some foiling.
I used collage with Tim Holtz's tissue wrap as well as stamping with some art foamies designed by BalzerDesigns. Then I added stencilling with some stencils by Stencilgirl  Products® (one of the requirements of #thestencilfiedjournal project). I used the big stencil from the May 2018 Stencilgirl®Club as well as the small stencil from the October 2014 set of Club stencils.

Then I grabbed a red metallic foiling sheet and some Aleene's Tacky Glue and stencilled the circles with the glue through the large stencil from the May 2018 Club set (as above). Then as per the instructions I let the glue dry for 30 minutes. Alas, due to our highly unusual tropical conditions here in Scotland the glue was a bit too dry already by the time I applied the foiling sheet. Just as well I like a distressed look! So my circles are not perfect, but on the plus side they perfectly suit the words I found to use on the spread (in a 9 x 14cm journal).

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