Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Another Lost Art Creations art piece

This is my latest contribution as an LAC artist. It's 5.1/4" square and uses an image from the Waterhouse Women II collage sheet. It's called Morning Walk. It's mounted on one of my fabric collages, originally made for what will be my April Journal Quilt for the Contemporary Quilt Group of the British Quilters Guild. I added a trim from LAC mixed fiber pack and a frame from the Artbit pack 0221. The text within the frame comes from an LAC vintage paper pack and originates from the Wuthering Heights book. I love Waterhouse women and this one had just the right colour to go with the collage. I did some seed stitching with a variegated thread to indicate wind and added beads around the edges after mounting the whole piece on a watercolour paper background with zigzag stitching.
After talking about Cabbage Patch Fabrics yesterday I simply yearned for another visit so today we made a trip there in absolute streaming rain and very windy conditions. I found some lovely pieces, orange velvet, some blue velvet with a pattern of lighter blue, silver velvet, beatiful upholstery fabric with black fans printed on it, some ripply brown fabric, not sure exactly what it is but had to have it. All in all, a very fruitful trip. We stopped off to get a paper on the way home and even managed to buy my lifetime motto on a lovely clay tile and what does it say:
A tidy house is a sign of a wasted life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No chance of that happening at Macbiehill!!

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