Sunday, 11 February 2007

Classic Stitches Magazine

There is an article about me in the new issue of the Classic Stitches Magazine, issue 79 ( It concentrates on my mixed media work such as the Journal Quilts and other work (fabric postcards and ATCs). I'm ever so pleased with it, even the photograph of me looks good. I love having my work photographed but not me!! Esther Read, the journalist who wrote it, has done a wonderful job jotting down my ramblings and turning them into a very readable article. This British magazine is for sale in the States although I'm sure how wide spread their distribution is but they have a website (see above) where you can order online. Here is just a taster to give you some idea! And yes, that young girl on the Hope card is indeed me (age 7). My wings have disappeared with age!

I've spend today swapping out my Button Up Swap that I hosted for There were a total of 20 participants and I think they will be pleased with their cards. Here is my contribution.

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