Tuesday, 13 February 2007

I've made a bracelet

Just to show I'm not always working with fabric, I'm showing you the bracelet I finished making last night. The pattern is from Bead & Button magazine, 40+ favorite projects, which came with a DVD showing all the techniques. This was really helpful and although I had some problems turning the corners originally, I worked it out eventually and away I went. I choose the colours myself and the finished product certainly confirms my passion for BLING!! I aim to make another one, in a different colourway but needless to say I've already seen another beading project I also want to make and I've ordered in the necessary delicas for that one. I bead only during the winter evenings and have acquired a cushion with a hard top which sits on your lap and has several cubby holes (for drinks and pencils, but of course in my case I use these for beads!). It even has a light! It enables me to pretend to be sociable while at the same time learning more about beading for jewellery rather than sewing. I've recently joined the Beading Guild, which has a very impressive magazine full of yummy things to produce!
I'm ever so pleased with this bracelet, specially as it weighs practically nothing which is great for sewing!!

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