Wednesday, 14 February 2007

No Man's Command

My wonderful Artchix orders arrived safely today. Funnily enough, I had just e-mailed Jackie from Artchix as I was a wee bit worried and she said jokingly: "They will probably arrive tomorrow now" and lo and behold, they did!!!

I LOVE the new pink german scrap, it's simply to die for!! Of course I had to use it immediately and conveniently Artchix have a contest, called Get Pink, so I made a 5 x 5" collage just for this. I had such fun with this one, I can't even describe it. I always think of stories behind my pieces but am leaving it to the viewer to come up with their own interpretation.

This collage uses images from Artchix collage sheets C211 Loveliness, M145 Square heads and transparency from T440 Bon Voyage. Artchix art bits include the mask, the round frame and the pink ribbon rose. And of course there is the pink wing and the pink flower trim.

I could not scan this piece as the mask is quite 3-D as well as the rose and the scanner does not take to that at all, so I photographed it using macro-mode on my digital camera. It has lost a bit of the sparkle it has in abundance but this was the best I could do!

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