Monday, 19 February 2007

Tea Dance with Flowers

I do a mingle every month on the MailArtbyDesign Yahoo group, where a theme is set and then we each make a 4 x 4" piece of art on that theme. Once the date is due we're given our partner for that month and exchange the art pieces. My partner this month is Debby H, who is one of my fellow Artistic Journey artists, and above is my 4X4. The theme was music and dance. The background is a fabric collage using a napkin with teacup images and the image is from

On the left is my contribution for a swap on entitled Flower Fabric and Bead Swap. I stamped a flower image on calico (muslin in US speak) and then beaded it. The beads are more pink than can be seen on this scan! I really enjoyed doing these over several evenings, very relaxing.

I'm also reading my Kaleidoscope book, it's wonderful. Full of thoughts about being yourself, being an artist and loads of ideas about zines, altered art and mixed media. It consists of lots of small articles which makes it ideal bedtime reading! Lots of really lovely images, too. Quite amazing for a very reasonably priced book and in full colour!

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