Saturday, 17 March 2007

March Journal Quilt and JQ talk

I gave my talk today to the Scottish Region of the British Quilters Guild in Dundee, and I really enjoyed doing it digitally. I had a technician from the college to help me and it worked so well. Unfortunately he told me the digital projector costs more than £1000 so it will be awhile before I can afford to buy one myself, specially as I also would need a laptop to go with it. Still we might just win the lottery tonight!!

In any case the price might well come down in the future as everything digital seems to be doing once people begin to get interested.

Quite a few people took my blog address so to give them something to look at I've uploaded my March 2007 Journal Quilt done for the Contemporary Group of the Quilters Guild. There wasn't time to add it to the talk as I literally did not finish stitching on it till late last night. Every time I make one of these it becomes my new favourite but having said that, I really love the colours in this one. The background is a space-dyed slubby silk which I machine quilted in circles. I once again had made a fabric collage for March in lovely spring colours of bright green and yellow and printed it out onto dupion silk sheets. There is a lot of beading around the circle applique.

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