Monday, 19 March 2007

Turquoise Inchies and La Dolce Vita Swap

I'm really getting into making inchies i.e. pieces of art only 1" square. It's quite surprising how much you can still manage to put on something this size. I finished these turquoise beauties today for a swap on Cchix Yahoo Group. These are fabric inchies using one of my fabric collages as a background, a lovely heart bead (bought directly from Shanghai on Ebay!) surrounded by seed beads and stitching.

I'vealso been to the post office this morning (despite the snow here in the Pentland hills!) to mail out the La Dolce Vita Swap I hosted on the site. This was a wonderful swap with all things Italian thrown onto the cards, some contemporary and other very vintage. Cards are going to U.K., Australia, Canada and the U.S. and hopefully the participants will like them as much as I did. These are two of the cards I made for this swap. I used to have an Italian boyfriend so this country is still quite close to my heart!! In fact, to have been to Italy is to love it!! I did throw my pennies into the Trevi fountain when last there so it's on the cards that I will one day return there.!
I've used a fabric collage for the background using Italian napkins in the collage (again bought on Ebay!) Where would I be without Ebay? Probably in a healthier financial position but with a lot less fun!!

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