Thursday, 1 March 2007

My studio today

I was asked on our artisticjourneyincolor group if I had to buy loads of stuff for the various journal pages and I came up with this reply called Confession of an art addict:

Oh dear, is this confession time?? I honestly admit here that I have to buy very little for these albums as I've got a gigantic stash already of numerous things, fabric (of course!!! you can never have too much fabric!), threads, buttons (Ebay is great for old buttonboxes and I'm a keen purchaser) ,napkins, beads (and I still can'thelp myself even though I have every colour know to women), collagesheets (you name it, I've probably got it), stamps (both postage and to stamp with), vintage postcards, books (oh I do have books,they're everywhere I look, thousands of them!!) I do buy very few clothes, live in Crocs shoes, don't smoke, drink in moderation(honestly!), don't play golf or take flying lessons, no longer horseride, or indulge in many sins that I can think off (and the one I can think of, is entirely free!!)
I can only make my art if I don't have to get up and go and buy something while I'm in the flow so I simply make sure I have it (somewhere, finding it is not so easy!!). Any one recommends anything online, I go and look and yes, more often than not buy!! If I live to be 200 I would still have more than I could ever use. Do I feel guilty??? NO, that's NO!!! I go with the l'Oreal slogan: "Because I'm worth it and deserve it!! Having said that, I do make fabric collages specially for the various themes of the journals, I also scan in collages I'm specially pleased with so that even when I use up the actual collage, I can still print it out on fabric and use it that way. And finally I am on the lookout for angels now!! Guess who for?? Sanna's is the next album which will come my way and angels are her thing! I get really enthousiastic about all these themes and know I'll come back to them in due course so all those supplies will come in handy!! As far as I'm concerned we only live once so I'm making the most of my life!! Just bought a tile today which states:" A tidy house is a sign of a wasted life". Looking at the pictures, my life is definitely not wasted!!
I was then asked what my studio actually looks like and I've only got pictures of it in a very organized state for a visiting journalist so I decided to make a more realistic set. Enjoy (or not as the case may be!)


Laura Krasinski said...

wow Frieda.. I love your art studio...

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS, Frieda...thanks for sharing! How FUN to see where you create!!

Lenna said...

Frieda, I love your studio! It looks so inviting to me with so many treasures and all the natural light! I can just about imagine you working there, needing someting, remembering where it was & smiling!! : ) Lenna


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