Saturday, 14 April 2007

Flower trims and Orange + Purple Swap ATCs

I'm pleased to say I've arrived back safely, no major hold-ups with the plane this time and I'm over the moon to see my studio again, I really miss it when I'm away specially my sewing machine and computer. It's like being without an arm. The dogs also were jumping with joy to see their "mummy" so happy times!

I did do some textile related things while in The Netherlands though. Bought quite a lot of lovely beads and also some glorious flower trim which I acquired in a really amazing haberdashery (fournituren for those Dutch among you) shop in the old centre of Utrect. We came across this on an earlier visit by chance when we went to the Aboriginal Museum there. The shop is sort of diagonally across from this and I bought some 3M of trim last time. Would you believe it but I used it on a quilt (more about that in future posts) and was short of 2 flowers!!!

This time I invested in 5M of that particular trim and could not resist buying some other truely stunning ones. Aren't they sumptious???

While I was away I made a little kit package for myself so that I could work on the ATCs for the Purple and Orange Swap on Mailartbydesign. I made 5 as Debby who does all the organizing for these colour swaps definitely deserves one for her trouble!

Apart from one, all the images on these ATC are from Bmuse on their wonderful Fabrik Paper. The image on the centre top ATC is from a fabric sheet from Divasdeste

As per usual I also made an ATC for my 100 ATC project, this is no. 57 called Personal Tango. Again the image is from Bmuse. I spend today machine zigzagging the edges. The cards are entirely made by hand apart from that as hands were all I had available to use!!

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Anonymous said...

Frieda sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I love the flower trim. Awesome!!!
The purple and orange atcs are fab. How sweet of you to send an extra. I love getting your envy in the mail! So inspiring...



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