Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Paris in the Springtime

On the Mailartbydesign Yahoo group the theme for this month's 4 x 4 Mingle is Paris. Always an irresistable subject for me. So I made a special fabric collage to honour this city, using a napkin with Paris cafes on it as well as a napkin with Paris ladies and their shopping such as hats and shoes. I made it mainly turquiose as the napkin with the cafes had this as its predominant tint. I selecssted a 4 x 4 area and added (by sewing machine) a transparency of the Eiffel Tower (Artchix), a paper quotation (European Papers) and finally a turquoise flower with beading in the centre. I was really taken with it but this one is going to Rosalie as she is my swap partner this month.

So to have one to keep I started again with the remaining bit of the collage and selected another 4 x 4 bit. This time I added a very small postcard of the Arc de Triomphe and the quotation "I love Paris every moment" (again from European Papers) . The strolling couple is a transparency, not sure where it came from anymore. AgainI added the turquoise flower + beads.

The trim on the bottom of both pieces is from a vintage trim which I really love. My mother gave it to me and there is lots left. Sometimes trims are difficult to sew on but this one really works like a dream!
I was going to change the daily quotation on this blog today but in the light of the tragic events at the college in Virginia it seemed appropriate to leave it for the moment. If words can ever come close to expressing feelings at such a moment this quotation does so for me!

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