Thursday, 19 April 2007

Journal Quilt 2007 April

As I've mailed pictures of my first 4 Journal Quilts for the Contemporary Group of the British Quilting Guild off to Helen who is coordinating the whole event, I'm now showing you the April one which is the only one which has not featured on my blog yet.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will recognize the images on the Purple and Green April collage I made for this journal as I used the actual collage for various ATCs and other art pieces. I really like this colour combination which came about partly inspired by the green and purple ATC swap on Mailartbydesign Yahoo group. It also seemed to go well with April when the first fresh green shoots are popping above ground and the purple flowers of the periwinkle are usually the first colour to be seen with them. The collage also features some jokers blowing their own trumpets, to celebrate April 1.

I scanned in the actual collage and printed it onto transfer paper and ironed it on a very lovely cotton satin fabric which I bought at Cabbage Patch fabrics. I used it in strips for this journal and had a great time beading around all the edges. This journal has really spurred me on to use colour combinations I would not usually go for as these 2 colours are on the cool side of the colour wheel and I'm usually a "hot" girl!! The background is a purple silk which I have machine quilted using a decorative flower stitch on my sewing machine (Bernina 440).


Laura Krasinski said...

Oh Frieda.. I love this.. the colors are so good together..

Anonymous said...

Frieda this is so gorgeous! I love the beautiful colors and your work is stunning.
I just don't know how you find the time to get it all done..

Lenna said...

This is a beautiful journal quilt, Frieda. I also love how you use your art & collages in multiple ways, printing them on fabric to use in other projects. You are taking your art and really using it, experiencing it to it's fullest! yours fondly, lenna


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