Thursday, 26 April 2007

More Mermaids

I finished the other mermaids today. These are for a Lost Art Creations Swap ( on the theme of Mermaids, Fairies and other fantastical creatures. I do hope I haven't given my mermaids a lifetime obsession about their body images as they definitely come in a range of their own in that they are fantastical mermaids whose bodily proportions might give them some problems swimming!! Their heads are either too large or too small for comfort but hopefully they will all find a prince charming who loves them down in the deep blue seas!

The images come from the following Lost Art Creations sheets: Fine Art Women, Waterhouse Women I, II and III and The Muse. They are covered with LAC Vintage Trim which does a good job of hiding the more awkward bits of their fishy bodies and all have the text In the deep blue sea added to the ATCs.
I also made another one, this time using a properly proportioned mermaid (from one of the Waterhouse Women Sheets) for ATC no. 59 of my 100ATC project.

The background on all the ATCs is the same as for yesterday's Artchix one, machine stitched fibers and yarns on a fabric background. The mermaids fishy tails are made out of a glittery novelty fabric covered in sparkly diamond shapes which I bought ages ago at the craft exhibition.

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Laura Krasinski said...

Freida... your mermaids are beautiful... you are such a great artist.. I don't know how you come up with your ideas.. you are truly blessed....


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