Saturday, 28 April 2007

Ruben and Troi

No art today as I've returned to the hand quilting of my large quilt. I also escaped outside for a bit as it's such a lovely day although quite windy. But I simply could not resist showing you this picture which illustrates a very rare event. Usually the 2 dogs simply don't sit in each others' baskets. Troi resides on her bean bag on which she will only allow the black cat occasionally but no one else. Poor Ruben sits wherever we happen to be, in this case in the kitchen. Then his "sister" suddenly appeared and decided she wanted to be there too. Usually he would give in as due to her size and the fact she was here first, she's the boss, but today he stood his ground! I can't give you the sound effects but although this picture might look like suger and spice, there was some ominous growling going on and eventually he had to give up! Much to the delight of Brush, the cat, who sneaked in as soon as Ruben left!

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Andrea said...

Okay, now I HAVE to comment on your pups (and kitty!)
They are so sweet, and how nice that they can share!
Love the quilt on your profile (the one behind you). I'm working on a baby quilt and a wedding quilt as we speak... I have lots of work to do... they're both due in JUNE!


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