Tuesday, 3 April 2007

More Passion

It seems like ages since I last posted but it has in reality only been 3 days. I've been busy, not so much working but stocking up with supplies. Mysteriously my 24" ruler disappeared into some black hole. It's hard to understand how such a large item can go walk about but the truth is it had simply vanished. As I can't live without this most vital piece of equipment I went to the Fabric shop in Melrose yesterday to buy another one as I love the ones she stocks. The lines are in red, very easy to see and made in Australia. I also stocked up on some fabric glue and a fat quarter featuring collies. I have a neighbour who has 3 and thought it might come in handy for eventual Xmas presents.

I'm working on my June Journal Quilt. I'm not exactly doing these in chronological order but who cares?

I realize that you've not seen all the pages in my Passion album yet. This came to mind when someone on the www.atcards.com group wanted to swap journal pages with me and I asked her to make a page for this album which I can then add once the journal returns to me by the end of this year. I've uploaded the back of the album for you to enjoy! Some lovely work is being done by my fellow artists on the Artistic Journey and I can't wait to see it all once the journal comes home. I'm planning to have a one woman party blow out when that happens!

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Lenna said...

This passion page is soooooo beautiful, Frieda. Such inspiration! Thank you for sharing it.


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