Thursday, 24 May 2007

Debby's Round Robin Album

Debby's album arrived just before the Loch Lomond Show, so I was a very good girl and left it safely in its box till I could give it my full attention. It really is a magnificent album with some glorious art in it. I have to admit that colour wise this album is close to my heart. Its pink and orange combination is simply wonderful. I just love all the hot colours (my own album is red and gold) so this one was just what I needed to unwind after the show. Debby's theme is vintage people and I went with vintage children. Conveniently there was an article in the paper dedictated to vintage pictures of children with their pets some weeks back and I saved it to make the collage for her album.

For page 1 I machine stitched orange velvet with pink thread using one of the decorative stitches on my machine. I mounted this on a background of pink and added 4 pieces of the collage to this with satin stitching. I found just the right button for the centre at one of the traders' stands at the Loch Lomond Show. On one of the collages I added a transparency (from Divasdeste) and all the collages were surrounded by beading, 2 of them pink and 2 orange. I added some sparkly orange flowers at some places.

For the facing page, I used an orange fabric mounted onto wadding (batting US speak!) and added another piece of the collage, featuring more children playing. Added sparkly orange flowers and surrounded it with alternating pink and orange beads. On top I added the final piece of the collage which had a flower shape (which reminded me of the sun!). This was mounted on a frayed piece of pink silk fabric. The text to the left reads: those were the good old days, which was machine stitched on and surrounded by pink beads.
Finally I added some square sequins (again bought quite some time ago in anticipation of this album!) with beads to left and right of the sun.
Debby's album was too large for the scanner so these pages were photographed with my camera. Finally I'm showing you a detail of page 1, which has the
transparency on it as this is my favourite bit of this entire spread!
Yet again this has now become my favourite spread in the Journals so far and I have a sneaky feeling it might stay my favourite as I just love the colours and the collage I made was such a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Frieda,
Oh my gosh those pink and orange pages sure look yummy on here. They are just incredible. Thanks so much for such beautiful artwork in my book.


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