Thursday, 31 May 2007

It's a green day

I finished several green items today. Scotland is a very green country, specially at this time of the year as most flowers are not out yet, but all the leaves are back on the trees, the weeds are rocketing out of the ground and all the leaves of the perennials are also above ground. The grass is getting longer and now needs weekly cuts. Of course the reason, everything is so beautifully green is that it rains. A lot!!! And today was no exception. I don't really mind although I hate wind. The rain in the spring is so nice and gentle I actually love to walk in it with the dogs, although Troi, the greyhound, thinks this is more than her duty demands. She HATES the rain!!

The series of ATCs shown here are on the theme of Botanical for the CreativeC Group. By some strange coincidence there seem to be a lot of new collage sheets with botanical subjects about but this lot uses sheets and transparencies from Artchix. The background I used is like the blue one on an earlier post. Yarns couched on a green fabric which was ironed on to Fast2Fuse. Everything else apart from the charms was applied with the sewing machine.
I also made one to keep in my 100 ATC project. This one is no. 62 entitled Le jardin. Again the image and transparency as well as the fabric text is from
Finally the theme for our June inchies swap on CreativeC Group was the garden, so here are my garden inchies. The transparency on the top are from an Altered Pages sheet with tiny little flower pictures. I surrounded them with beads in matching. colours

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Anonymous said...

Your green pieces are all stunning.
YOu sure have been busy. Beautiful!


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